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DNA Isothermal Rapid Amplification Kit (NFO)
Specification:48 Tests/Packing, Nucleic acid colloidal gold test strips should be prepared separately.
Intended use: The kit can be used for Colloidal gold strip test of DNA templates, the designed primers, probes and DNA templates can be added for amplification and the amplified products can be used for colloidal gold strip color reaction.
Product Detail

isothermal amplification pcr Storage and term of Validity

Storage term: stored at ≤-20℃,keep away from light, avoid heavy weight and repeated freezing and thawing.

Term of Validity: 14 months

Principle Summary

The kit is based on room and constant temperature nucleic acid rapid amplification technology, its principle is that at room and constant temperature, the recombinase and primer form a protein/single-stranded nucleotide complex Rec/ssDNA, and invade the double-stranded DNA template with the help of auxiliary proteins and single-stranded binding protein SSB; then form a D-loop region at the invasion point and start to scan the DNA duplex, after finding the target region complementary to the primer and disintegration of the complex Rec/ssDNA, the polymerase also binds to the 3' end of the primer to start the chain extension. The kit relies on the role of NFO enzyme and adds the designed specific molecular probes according to the template, and get the result by colloidal gold technology (sandwich method).


1/ Please avoid nucleic acid contamination and set blank control during reaction due to the high sensitivity of the kit.

2/ Please take out the required quantity of MIRA reaction units for the experiment, and put the rest under storage conditions when performing the experiment.

isothermal amplification pcr Product Features

1/ High sensitivity and specificity, short reaction time.

2/ The reagent form is freeze-dried, stable and easy to operate.

3/ The reaction can be operated by metal bath and water bath pot without purchasing expensive PCR apparatus.

isothermal amplification pcr Applications

MIRA colloidal gold probe principle

MIRA colloidal gold probe principle

Vibrio cholerae detection of colloidal gold strip

Vibrio cholerae detection of colloidal gold strip

Reaction condition: 39 ℃, 10mins, color development 3-5 mins after reaction

Template: vibrio cholerae extraction accounting decuple gradient dilution

Multiple amplification result of colloidal gold strip

Multiple amplification result of colloidal gold strip

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