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DNA&RNA Nucleic Acid Release Agent
Specification: 20ml/Tube
Intended use: This product is suitable for releasing nucleic acid from human throat, nasal cavity, conjunctival surface cell samples collected by swabs or human alveolar fluid, serum, and plasma samples, and the extracted product can be directly used for nucleic acid detection by IVD reagents or instruments.
Product Detail

DNA nucleic acid releasing ragent Storage and term of Validity

Storage term: Store at room temperature (15°C~30°C)

Term of Validity: 24 months

MFG date and EXP date see the outer packaging.

RNA Nucleic Acid Release Agent Principle Summary

This product contains dimethyl sulfoxide, which interacts with the hydrophobic groups of proteins, and can denature the structural proteins of cells or viruses, destroy the envelope and capsid of viruses and inactivate viruses. At room temperature, this product is fully mixed with the sample and can quickly release nucleic acids from the sample.

This product contains nucleic acid protection components, which ensure the integrity of the DNA or RNA nucleic acid of cells and viruses in the sample. The product after lysis can be directly used as a template for nucleic acid amplification.

The ingredients of this product have an inactivating effect on viruses, but for biological samples of infectious diseases, they must be inactivated strictly in according to the relevant guidelines, and operated in a restricted environment.


1/ This kit is only for IVD use.

2/ Extraction should be performed as soon as possible after sample collection, and avoid the samples which have been frozen and thawed more than 3 times.

3/ This product does not have the function of nucleic acid purification.

4/ The nucleic acid released by this product should be tested as soon as possible, and should not be stored for a long time.

DNA nucleic acid releasing ragent Product Features

1/ Liquid samples (such as serum, saliva, oral cells or swab soak, etc.) extraction:

Take 20μL of liquid samples, added to EP tube containing 180μL of sample release agent, vortex shock fully mixed, standing at room temperature for 5 minutes, instantaneous departure 3-5 seconds, sampling the extracted product 10μL-50μL direct nucleic acid detection.

2/ The swab samples are extracted directly:

Immerse the swab in EP tube containing 400μL of the release agent, mix well by vortex shaker, stand at room temperature for 5 minutes, leave for 3-5 seconds, and sample the extracted product 10μL-50μL nucleic acid detection.

RNA Nucleic Acid Release Agent

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