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Norway LabDays Oslo 2023


Latest company news about Norway LabDays Oslo 2023

LabDays is a two-day trade fair and conference for professionals in the fields of hospitals, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, research and life sciences.

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LabDays Oslo 2023 was held for the first time at X Meeting Point on the outskirts of Oslo, Norway on October 11-12, attracting 1240 + industry insiders to visit and consult over the two days


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Amp-future Bio brought MIRA, a multi-enzyme constant temperature rapid nucleic acid amplification technology, and its innovative overall solution in the field of rapid molecular detection attracted people from foreign industries to stop and understand.


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At the same time, with MIRA as the core platform technology, we have developed a series of ancillary products, such as "Ultra-fast Nucleic Acid Release Technology", "Dual-channel Constant Temperature Fluorescence Detector", "Integrated Fully-automatic Closed Detection System", "Self-assessment Nucleic Acid Detection Device" and "Small-sized Automated Detection System", and are striving to create a total solution for the field of rapid molecular detection.




With our excellent strength, we shine in the exhibition, more and more teachers, corporate customers understand and recognize our products, give a lot of support and encouragement, so that MIRA technology in the industry at home and abroad is increasingly well-known.
Amp-future will continue to sharpen its products and services in the future, and strive to become the top supplier of total solutions for the next generation of molecular detection technology!

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