Wonderful Review of IND 2023 Conference
 Feb 28, 2023|View:149

Review ofIND2023 Infectious Diseases Novel MolecularDiagnostics TechnologyConference


The 3rd Infectious Diseases Novel Molecular Diagnostics Technology Conference, called IND2023 was held in Shanghai from February 24th to 25th, 2023. This Conference gathered 50+ experts from hospitals, testing centers, and enterprises to discuss the numerous issues in the field of infectious diseases, especially deepdiscussion of the difficulties in the detection of pathogenic microorganisms in one main-forum and two sub-forums, the development of IVD, and an overview of the overall industry pattern.


As a new technology of rapid molecular diagnosis, MIRA technology of Amp-future has the characteristics of high efficiency and accuracy. Based on MIRA technology, the overall solution in molecular detectionhas been proposed and attracted many industry professional. Amp-future exhibited many products, including scientific research reagents, isothermal fluorescence detector, Search Windowseriousisothermal fluorescence amplification instrument, colloidal gold test strip amplification detection tube and other products.



From the Search Window serious 8-well isothermal fluorescence amplification instrument to the 16-well isothermal fluorescence detector, Amp-future will provide full system of instrument solutions.



With the frequent attendance of MIRA technology in numerous professional forums and exhibitions, the reputation of MIRA technology in the industry is increasingin these two years. In this IND2023, with the affirmation and recognition of the professionals,amp-future has been greatly encouraged for the future development. Amp-future willkeep forging ahead towards the goal of becoming topsupplier of overall solutions for the next-generation of molecular detection technology!