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Accurate Results RNA Amplification Kit High Sensitivity

Accurate Results RNA Amplification Kit High Sensitivity

Accurate Results RNA Amplification Kit

RNA Amplification Kit 50ul

High Sensitivity isothermal amplification pcr

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Amp-future bio



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Product Details
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Reaction Volume:
50 μL
Enzymes, Buffers, And Primers
Product Name:
RNA Isothermal Amplification Fluorescence Kit
Storage Temperature:
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Product Description

RNA Amplification Kit: Accurate Results, Superior Quality

Product Detail

Kit Storage and term of Validity

Storage term: stored at ≤-20℃,keep away from light, avoid heavy weight and repeated freezing and thawing.

Term of Validity: 14 months


Isothermal nucleic acid Principle Summary

This kit is based on a rapid nucleic acid amplification technology at room temperature and constant temperature: at room temperature and constant temperature (generally 39℃~42℃), reverse transcriptase uses specific primers and template RNA to synthesize cDNA strands, and binds the auxiliary protein and single strand With the help of the protein, the recombinase and the primer form a complex;perform a homology search and bind the target homology domain,at this time a D-loop region is formed at the homology position and strand exchange begins; accompanied by the recombinase from the complex Upon dissociation,the polymerase also binds to the 3' end of the primer, initiating chain extension. At the same time, relying on the function of exonuclease, adding specific molecular probes designed according to the template, and using fluorescence monitoring equipment can realize real-time monitoring of the amplification process of the target fragment.


Isothermal nucleic acid Product Features

1/ High sensitivity and specificity, short reaction time.

2/ The reagent form is freeze-dried, stable and easy to operate.

3/ The reaction can be operated by metal bath and water bath pot without purchasing expensive PCR apparatus.


Technical Parameters:
Parameters Details
Product Name RNA Isothermal Amplification Kit EXO
Manufacturer Amp-future
Storage Temperature -20°C
Kit Components Enzymes, Buffers ,Reagents
Packaging 48 Tests/box
Detection Limit 500-1000copies/µL
Shipping ICE
Test Time 5-20mins


Isothermal nucleic acid Applications

Suitable for RNA isothermal rapid amplification kit(Fluorescent type)

Primer: Require pair of nucleotide primers with the length of 25-35 bp.

RNA fluorescent kit reaction temperature is 39 to 42℃ and time is 5-20 minutes.


1/ Please avoid nucleic acid contamination and set blank control during reaction due to the high sensitivity of the kit.

2/ Please take out the required quantity of MIRA reaction units for the experiment, and put the rest under storage conditions when performing the experiment.

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