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Precision molecular diagnostic techniques: diagnostic applications for influenza and dengue viruses


Latest company news about Precision molecular diagnostic techniques: diagnostic applications for influenza and dengue viruses

The change of season serves as a high prevalence point for influenza viruses, launching a new round of challenges to our immune systems.




These viruses have been a hot public health concern, and there has been a lot of concern about protective measures, and how to quickly diagnose whether or not you are infected, treat it in a timely manner, and cut off the means of transmission.




Influenza A and Influenza B

Recently, under the influence of cold air in the north, influenza A and B are frequent, as they are usually more active in the fall and winter seasons, lasting from the fall of each year to the spring of the following year.

At present, the main epidemics for the A H1N1 and H3N2, children and the elderly especially need to pay attention to. The virus spreads through droplets, when an infected person coughs or sneezes, the virus will be spread to nearby people through droplets in the air; in addition, it may also be spread through contact with surfaces contaminated with the virus, which can rapidly cause a large number of cases.

Clinical symptoms are: high fever, cough, sore throat, nasal congestion and muscle pain.




Protection against dengue virus

The Southwest, with its warm climate and high humidity, is prone to dengue virus, mainly through mosquito bites, and its vectors are the Aedes aegypti and Aedes albopictus mosquitoes, which are active during the daytime, especially in the early morning and at dusk, so groups that are often plagued by mosquito bites need to pay attention to it.

After infection, the virus spreads quickly and painfully, and the clinical symptoms are: high fever, headache, eye pain, joint and muscle pain, rash, bleeding tendency.

Therefore, rapid diagnosis has a very important clinical value, which is conducive to the timely completion of the diagnosis of the disease, to take therapeutic measures to reduce the harm of the disease on the patient.


Interpretation sharing: high viral prevalence and timely diagnosis by molecular diagnostic techniques.

Molecular diagnostic technology: timely stalking of viruses

In this invisible war, molecular diagnostic technology is like a sharp sword.

Traditional diagnostic methods require about 2H, while the nucleic acid thermostatic rapid test technology is shortened to 40min, and the MIRA technology (Multi-enzymatic Rapid Nucleic Acid Amplification) is even shorter than 5-20min, which makes us able to make an accurate diagnosis in the shortest possible time after the invasion of the virus.


MIRA technology rapid test, rapid protection of life and health




AmpFuture's Multi-Enzyme Rapid Amplification of Nucleic Acids (MIRA technology) can amplify nucleic acids at a constant temperature of 39°C-42°C, which can be completed quickly in 20min, and the sensitivity can reach the same level as PCR.

In addition, MIRA technology does not rely on complex equipment, and can be operated on-site in non-laboratory environments and primary healthcare units, making it simple, convenient and quick to diagnose.




Diversified forms of reagent products: liquid, lyophilized, microspheres, etc.; Diversity of display results: gel electrophoresis, fluorescence curves, colloidal gold test strips, etc.; Stable performance, easy to operate, convenient for storage and transportation.




At the same time, with MIRA as the core platform technology, we have developed a series of ancillary products, such as "Ultra-fast Nucleic Acid Release Technology", "Dual-channel Constant Temperature Fluorescence Detector", "Integrated Fully-automatic Closed Detection System", "Self-detection Nucleic Acid Detection Device" and ", and are striving to create a total solution for the field of rapid molecular detection.




Amp-Future Bio provides professional products and technical services, and has established deep cooperative relationships with a number of institutions of higher learning and scientific research units, more and more projects and scientific research articles to meet with you, and better contribute to the guardianship of life and health.

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