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Unlock new products! Pocket detection guardian


Latest company news about Unlock new products! Pocket detection guardian

Rapid and simple, accurate and convenient, anytime and anywhere, ready to use and throw away...

The combination of these words that are practical and convenient for end customers is the new product launched by Amp- future Biotech - Pocket Detection Guardian.

latest company news about Unlock new products! Pocket detection guardian  0

Based on MIRA multienzyme isothermal nucleic acid rapid amplification technology, Amp- future Biotech has developed a small self-detection device that can be used in households, breeding and planting, pets and other scenarios. Personnel without professional background can complete the detetcion by themselves through simple training. The sensitivity reaches 1-5 copies/μL, which is the same level as PCR.

  • Home self-detection. Can be used for regular monitoring of diseases. The elderly and children who are inconvenient to travel can complete the detection at home, while also protecting the patient's privacy.
  • On-site detection of breeding and planting. Whether it is a large animal breeding farm or an agricultural field, the Pocket Testing Guardian is equipped with a power bank to conduct detection in a non-laboratory environment, speeding up the efficiency of front-line screening and reducing economic losses in the breeding and planting industry.
  • Pet disease detection. In a home environment, the Pocket Testing Guardian can help pets complete disease detection without going out, which is convenient and rapid. It can also speed up the detection efficiency of pet hospitals and increase the carrying capacity of detection services.

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