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World TB Day,Amp Future is working on it!


Latest company news about World TB Day,Amp Future is working on it!

March 24 is World TB Day, and this year's theme is "Together, you and I, to End the TB epidemic."

Tuberculosis (TB) is a chronic respiratory infectious disease caused by Mycobacterium tuberculosis, which is seriously harmful to health. TB is often spread through respiratory droplets and close contact. There is no strong vaccine for TB, and prevention and detection are key.
Due to the relatively backward economic development of some countries or regions and the lack of medical resources, general screening can not be close to patients, resulting in tuberculosis detection and other difficulties.
Epu Future Biology provides a set of solutions for primary care and field rapid inspection.

  • Using MIRA rapid nucleic acid amplification technology as a platform, nucleic acid extraction can be completed in 5min, and nucleic acid amplification can be completed in 20min, which greatly improves the screening efficiency.
  • With small testing equipment, no need for professional laboratories, when the disease occurs, directly carry the bag to the first line for quick inspection.
  • Freeze-dried reagent, room temperature storage and transportation, simple operation, flexible to field testing.

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